The Federal Government has cancelled the proposed resumption of SS3 students.

Some Nigerians have criticized the government's decision because "the students will miss SSCE Exams and lose a whole year etc.

Others have hailed the move saying "being alive is more important than any examination.
We asked a cross section of students.

 Read their opinions below:
"I concur with the government on canceling the resumption. With the rising cases of the virus, who knows how many out there have the virus and show no symptoms. It's best the students stay home and keep learning online.

°Nigeria doesn't have the capacity to conduct a backlog of examinations for students this year and next year, 
Other west african countries are going to write theirs except Nigerians. If we can conduct elections for millions of people in edo state, we can conduct exams.
Daniel Oluwaseun Ajayi 
200L Computer Science

°Being alive is way more important. I understand that we are all trying to get things back to normal and humans are inherently social but I'd rather be at home bored than be in the hospital hanging on to my life.
Omole Samuel 
200 level Economics Department

°As far as we want to stay alive, we need to adapt to this new condition and find a way to move forward. It would be very unnecessary for us to lose a whole year without any alternative all because of this lockdown because we can't say for sure how long it'll be on.
Nwaobilor Fredrick
100 level Computer science

°I will not say they are wrong, neither  would I say they are right.
Although, some of us citizens feel our government are all for themselves on this issue but, we should also know that yes! they might be all for themselves but actually still consider our well being and safety from the virus. The decision was made considering not just the students alone but their families and friends who would be at a risk if one day their children go to school and contact the virus. 
Some other citizens who supports the government cannot be declared wrong either because it is true what they say that when there is life, there is still hope ...and it is only when the students are alive that they can live to write another examination.

But in as much as they are considering the citizens, this whole shut down thing can't stay forever as no one knows what the pandemic has left stored for the world.
And yes! It's only a matter of time before the world gets tired of staying locked up all because of a parasite that cannot be seen with our naked eyes. Well..some countries got tired already... including the top three countries after the U.S mostly hit by the virus ( Spain, Italy, France)

Oyeniyi Adenike C.
Biochemistry 300 Level

°The truth is human life is precious and it's over all.
We can't compromise just because of an exam
It's someone that is Alive that can even go to university after the exam that's if the person passes.
Alot of people are dieing from Corona and you want to risk how many children's lives cause of an exam when we don't even have adequate resources to take care of the admitted patients on ground.

 May we not be unfortunate because that's the worst decision for the government to take An online waec exam just like jamb would do.
An online exam is ideal. It might take time to prepare and organize but it's alot better than risking lives 

Bello Abiola 100 Level

°Being alive is important, but then this pandemic isn’t leaving anytime soon. Moreover, let’s be realistic people are tired of this so -called pandemic and are no longer listening to the government. We have been told to maintain social distancing but just go to the bank and see what’s happening. 
It’s only a matter of time before things get out of control 
We need to learn to adapt and move on that’s why we have precautionary measures 
Loosing a whole school year isn’t ideal ,I mean there are other alternatives that can be brought up than jus staying at home doing nothing. Remember an idle mind is the devil’s workshop 
Okpara Chidinma 
300 Level Biochemistry Department